Latest Beta Testing 2022

Hello there :slight_smile:

Any possibilities to test the latest beta version?
I’m very happy to read about auv3 inside miRack (if i read correctly the Tweet hehe)
I imagine what powerful is this with all ios auv3 fx!!…

If i can helped to find bug and other things, ok for me :wink:


I missed that tweet, very exciting, and I used to be on the beta but deinstalled it when it timed out so cant seem to get it reinstalled via testflight now…

I just checked where I had seen this info, I had a doubt haha, on Tweeter it is to say that mirack will be native on mac m1, and it dates from June 9th 2022.
As for the auv3 inside miRack, the info comes from the miRack Facebook group, dating it from March 18, 2020, I was wrong suddenly, I think it was related to the auv3 version for other daw, sorry!!
The forums and facebook news are pretty empty, and suddenly reading old posts, I didn’t pay attention to the date…
but maybe it will be the case soon haha

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Would love to participate in beta:

Thank you