Knob / sliders do not respond VISUALLY

Hi there!

Recently I have encountered a problem, that some of the sliders and knobs inside a patch just SEEM TO be frozen - not responding at all. BUT they actually work - so they make changes, but on the screen, the position does not change.
this happens usually after a short time of usage, with not all of the knobs/sliders, and until restart it doesnt restore itself.

miRack running on ipadPro 2,gen, cpu usage around 20%…

anybody any suggestions?


I have similar issue with AUv3 version in AUM. After some time GUI (only the part that draws modules) freezing, but the knobs actually working underneath the glitched image. iPad 5 2017. IAA and stand-alone versions work just fine

Which iOS version?

iOS 12.3.1

Hi there!

Any progress by any chance?
Thank you vers much!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem, but I’ll make some changes in the next update that will improve the situation.

i am also noticing this problem - the only way to fix currently is to close the app and reopen it… then they seem to work again. for me it seems to be happening when i use the learn function and map knobs to midi ccs.