Keyboard support for using MI rack

Current iPadOS and future updates to the OS will continue to enable more keyboard and trackpad support for iPads. Are there plans to add keyboard shortcut and improve the overall user experience when using a keyboard. Similar to VCV rack where you can use CMD + C/V to duplicate modules, hold control key down to push and arrange multiple modules, etc.

Also is there is any way to help with the development on the coding side ? The app looks very promising and I’m sure the list of feature asks is long :slight_smile:


Hi @utk,
You can duplicate a module by double tapping it and selecting ‘duplicate’ in the drop down menu… possibly quicker than bringing up a keyboard to hit CTRL+ ***.
Lots of people seem to compare miRack to VCV… they are both eurorack, but different entities. VCV also has powerful processors to draw from whereas iPads have limited processor power.

I don’t have VCV (or hardware modular kit) so I’m solely relying on miRack for my modular fix ! Therefore I worry that all these feature requests will take module count down and risk stability… the two things that matter to me the most.

MiRack as it is, works for everyone and all types of uses.

Sorry for the rant @utk, thanks for listening, welcome to the forum.

All the best

edit- I agree that it would be useful to copy/move a bunch of modules though :+1:

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Completely valid points and appreciate the reply.

By keyboard support above I was referring to external keyboard and not the onscreen keyboard.

My motivation for requesting this is less so the current state of the iPad but the inevitable future (from my perspective) as more iPad users move to using the iPad with external keyboard with Apple themselves investing in better keyboard support for the iPad.

Similarly in regards to the processing power, with the new M1 and Apple silicons becoming increasing powerful in the future, I don’t think processing power should be a concern.

Can you expand on why new features will take down module count?

Stability and adding new features is a tough balancing act for sure. I do believe that important features can be added while keeping the app stable. I don’t think it has to be one or the another. :slight_smile:

My overall sentiment being that expectation for the user experience and the processing power of devices will continue to evolve, so we should aim for that future instead of the current state of things.

As an aside, if possible, it’s worth checking out VCV rack even if only to compare and contrast the two apps to find parts of MIrack that can improved.

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Thanks @utk for getting back and being reasonable,

I’m not a developer in any way, I trained as a sound engineer and coding/development, dsp is something I’ve never dabbled in, hence why I put ‘worried’ because I’m not actually sure ! My guess is that each feature is a few hundred kilobytes or so which may ‘?’ put a dent in the amount of modules you can run… I’m not against features, I cross my fingers each update for an Undo button, that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m coping just fine without one. Some feature requests are not so sensible, others can be done already but takes about a second longer. Your feature is a very reasonable ask, I thought a class complient keyboard would work tho ? or failing that, a controller kbd thru an interface…I couldn’t tell you, I use just the iPad — a modular system that goes everywhere I do - AND battery lasts for hours :pray:

The M1 chips will certainly improve things, but not enough to compete with desktop systems. Probably best to wait and see what they can do before jumping ship !

I will one of these days clean up my (online) PC and give VCV a whirl, I’ve heard you can’t run as many modules as miRack…? Not sure how true that is, I just hope I’m not forced over.

thanks @utk

edit spelling- class compliment ??

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