Keyboard shortcuts - Mac

Can you add some keyboard shortcuts to the mac version?
I think the main ones would be duplicate, delete, hide/show cables and maybe Initialize (although maybe no need).

I really just want shortcuts for duplicating and deleting.

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Just bumping this thread, because I think keyboard shortcuts for Mac would be super useful!

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This could also be useful on the iPad if you have a keyboard attached.

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+1 here, iPads with keyboards and trackpads are much more common than you’d think. I would love if miRack had first-class keyboard support!

I’d also love some keyboard shortcuts:

  • Cable colour (number keys like the Palette module?)
  • Copy / Paste / Duplicate / Delete
  • Option-drag duplicates module
  • Command-drag to add cable to output or duplicate cable coming to input
  • Hold down command to shift modules together (or some other way to multi-select modules for moving)
  • Command-scroll wheel to zoom in & out
  • “Command ,” shortcut for preference menu
  • Undo/redo :slight_smile:

Also of note: keyboard commands for zoom don’t work in the AU plugin inside Logic. Command-scroll wheel could potentially solve this issue.

Loving miRack so far! I’m finding I create much more music with it as compared to VCV Rack. It’s very enjoyable!

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