JW GridSeq reset


First post here. Been using miRack with my hardware eurorack since it first came out. Im loving it so far. But I am struggling with JW GridSeq as I am unable of resetting the position to step 1. I am using Clocked to send different divisions to each row and a reset every /16 or whatever in order to create a “loop”. Problem is, in comparison to for example what my MakeNoise Rene does, GridSeq seems to reset on the second step of the second row. I can wrap my head around seeing that step (it would be step 6 if running in a classic 16step order) as step one. But do you know of a way to get it to reset on the one? There is another sequencer similar to GridSeq (cannot remember the name right now, but also inspired by Rene) that does reset on the 1, but those knobs are super small and I kinda really like all the extra stuff ridSeq offers (gates, randoms, quant, etc)

Cheers :slight_smile:

I played with this module a bit and I can’t seem to reproduce the problem you’re talking about, or I didn’t understand you correctly. Can you provide a simple patch or a screenshot or something to demonstrate the issue?

Yeah sure!

So just create a Clocked and make one of its output send a /4 division of its clock, and another output to send a /16 division. Connect the main clock out to the advance right input on GridSeq, the /4 out to the advance down input and the /16 to the reset input. That way, the expected behaviour would be that everytime the clock ticks, it will advance one step to the right. Every four ticks of the clock, the sequence will advance one step down, which basically means that after playing the first four steps, it should go to the first step on the row below (step 5 we could call it). Also, every 16 ticks of the clock, the sequencer would go back to step 1 and start all over again. This should allow to, for example, send a different division to the advance down input allowing for funkier sequences (thats how I use my Makenoise Rene all the time, also the Cartesian Sequencer inside miRack works perfectly by doing this, but the knobs are tiny tiny and it doesnt have all the extra whistles gridSeq has). So that is the expected behaviour, instead of that, what I am getting is everytime the clock “resets” (ticks 16 times) it jumps to the second step on the second row. I like getting a reset every 16 or 32 steps, that way I can make the actual sequence as funky as I want (sending logic and probabilty and non standard clocks), but it will always reset at the same point, therefore creating a loop/sequence the brain can grab to. As I say, using this exact same patch with the Cartesian Sequencer, it works perfectly good, as well as with the actual hardware Im assuming GridSeq is based on (als reaktors westcoast sequencer works the same).

Yeah I see now. Looks like GridSeq doesn’t correctly process reset and another input coming at the same time. I’ll fix it.

Amazing, this is amazing

Hi, did you manage to find a solution to this? It seems to work better since it got updated, but it still works differently to other cartesian sequencers that do reset to step one (upper left) once they get a gate or trig on the reset input. Thanks in advance