Issue When Importing Samples in Nysthi Modules

Hi all !
I’m having this very strange issue since today : I can’t import samples in any of the Nysthi sample modules (Simpliciter…). the Append function in Simpliciter is not working as well. This Is happening in both Standalone and plug-in Mirack version.
I restarted my projects, my computer, and this is still the same.

here is my setup : Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.2, MacBook Pro M1 2020, Logic Pro X 10.7.2

Thanks for your time and for any hints !

Hey @leow - I know that I’ve had trouble with many/all of the sample modules if the mirack patch is saved in iCloud, and not saved locally. Similarly the samples need to be on the device itself, not on iCloud.

I may be wrong… but that seemed to the solution in a similar case posted here. :man_shrugging:

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Hi Andrew ! thanks for your time and help !
I will check this out, I don’t normally use iCloud but that is definitely a good Idea to experiment with the sample location anyways, I’ll try this out