Is there a random LFO somewhere?


I would put this in a feature request, but I feel like I might just be missing it. Is there a module that generates a random LFO? Seems like a pretty basic option, so I was a bit confused about not finding it…

Hi softpunch,

Lissajous LFO and Roulette from Frozen wasteland are quite random. Especially when using another LFO to modulate their various dials… now there’s food for thought …

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Thanks! Those modules should work, I think, though I am surprised there’s not a more basic random LFO—the type you would typically find as a waveform choice on a synth.

A noise source and a slew?
or a noise source modulating an LFO would work :slight_smile:

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@softpunch, it’s very easy to get random waveforms, you can also use a sample and hold with a slew limiter after it to smooth the steps, it works well and may be the kind of random wave you’re after. And like @sensien suggests a noise source can work… As can cross modulating 2 LFO’s.

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EDIT - @softpunch your last sentence has just now lit a dim light in the back of my head…!! The type of random waveform found on most synths is Sample and Hold.

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Yes basically any S&H will produce random voltages when nothing is connected.

Some years ago, I’ve developed a random module that is now part of Frozen Wasteland called Seeds of Change which generates 4 random voltages whenever you need. It can be used for creating random notes and gates but also random voltages within a specific range.

Basic use: connect your trigger signal to the Clock input. Use any of the 4 CV out to get random voltages. You can also reduce the amplitude (multiply input/knob) or offset it. Handy to generate notes within a range (add a quantizer after it).

Extra functions:
You can also get random gates with it with a probability (0 by default).

Finally, this is pseudo-random, so you can reset it and get again the same series of voltage. The Seed (big 0 number) represents the “number” or “signature” of the sequence. Input your number or dial it. Note that you need to trigger Reset to activate the new seed.

Oh and your random voltages can follow a pseudo-gaussian distribution (more voltages towards the center) if you need.


Thanks @jsmonzani, what a great lil’ module. I have never used it before but I think I will do now.
Love that the input (multiply) and the offset can be voltage controlled.

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These are all great suggestions, thanks!

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Thank you @Runcell! Yes, I developed it back to VCV 0.6 version years ago to generate random melodies with the goal of making it use almost 0% CPU. When VCV 1.0 hit the road, I had still never released it to the public. Frozen Wasteland was kind enough to take my code and port it to 1.0. He has since then developed extension panels (on VCV, not available on miRack) for more inputs, etc. Glad you liked it!

I’ve just had another jam with it… using a quantizer on one (s+h) out, modulating oscillator parameters with the other 3 and triggering the env with the gate outs. The gate probability is wonderful and volt controllable.
Thanks again @jsmonzani, i really like the FrozenWasteland modules, I use them in ‘virtually’ every patch. Did you make it because it was something you needed in your own (VCV) patches ?

i really love the walk and walk 2 modules by bog audio - for that smooooth random (insert issac hayes’ voice)

Did you try Bogaudio Walk?

Did you make it because it was something you needed in your own (VCV) patches ?

Yes! It seemed easy to code and useful to me. I almost use it everytime I create generative stuff.

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I think I will be using it every time I need s+h… and the gates :v:

All the best

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