Ios - controlling mirack knobs with lfos (using midi loopback) - SOLVED

trying to get some lfo control on knobs that don’t have a dedicated cv. so im using the midi cc out module (set to “network session 1” - there’s no virtual midi option there)… running an lfo into it via the cc1 port. using the midi learn function, it doesn’t seem to pick anything up (in settings i’ve set the app to use “network session 1” as well as “virtual midi”)… using a signal, there’s definitely a 0-10v signal coming from the lfo. but so far no dice getting the midi learn to pick up cc1. do i need to use a 2nd app that will send midi through it (like audulus perhaps)? im curious if anybody has been able to make this work? or perhaps there’s an easier way to do this in mirack versus midiloop back? tia…

Hi offthesky… welcome

Which dial on which module is it ?

hi - the linear button on the vco by bog audio. but after some more tinkering/experimentation, i was able to get this to work by sending midi cc’s into the modular app “jasuto” and then back into mirack to control certain switches etc. the trick being to open jasuto first and load the cc thru patch in there*, and then load mirack app (and make sure the midi cc module is set to “jasuto”).

*it’s easy to make this patch in jasuto by connecting various midi cc devices and setting their cc’s accordingly (1 midi cc device set to cc1 connected to another midi cc device set to cc1, etc). then setting jasuto’s global midi to network, and enabling the in/out. it’s cool because w jasuto you can drag+animate the cc devices on a loop… and their distances from each other further effects the amplitude of the cc signal(so ccs get scaled down as the jasuto devices are moving closer and away from each other)

Hey @offthesky

I’ve tried this a few days ago with miRack + AUM and it worked flawlessly:

  • add a midi CC output module and send your modulation signal to it, for instance on CC #0
  • access the AU parameters of miRack (third icon on top, like vertical sliders), and set the MIDI source on top to miRack itself. Now go to say AU Parameter 01 and assign CH1 and CC#0 to it. Your modulation signal is now assigned to AU Parameter 01
  • in miRack, use the MAP button on top, click on the knob you’d like to modulate and select Parameter 01.
    Voilà :slight_smile: you’re all set and you can modulate knobs within miRack!

nice! i don’t have aum, but it’s great to know that this loopback technique also works with other apps. hopefully someday it’s built into mirack to be able to do this natively (like the param proxy module in veeseevstrack)

Sorted ! Well done @offthesky… I forgot to check back !

I don’t have Jasuto…

Are you using a hardware controller ? Or for automation in DAW ?

no daw or hardware controllers for this particular case. im sending a signal from several bog audio walk modules (cc1-8) out through jasuto and then back into mirack for random control of various knobs and buttons. i do eventually also want to get my behringer bcr2000 and arturia keyload hooked up to mirack on the phone (it’s neat, the iphone 6s will actually power on the arturia keylab61 without an external power supply) but for now am just experimenting with weird ideas :wink:

Ok I see. Using MIDI to control switches, buttons, dials that don’t have a CV in…like you said. Great idea.

I guess you may know, the LINEAR switch on the BOGAUDIO is only a 2 way/state op… ie on or off or in MIDI terms 0-63=up, 64-127=down, or visa versa… but I get the possibilities, great stuff thanks man.