iOS AUv3 multiple instance problem

Hi, Having a problem when playing back multiple mirack AU instances with sequencers, it seems only one instance will playback at the same time (from host sync module). Hosting in AUM.
Is this a known problem, or maybe it’s a new bug. Or not supposed to work this way?

It could be a great feature btw to have option to merge patches, or can you copy multiple modules at once between instances?

I like to use multiple instances so I’m hoping this is just a user error :slight_smile:

Also it seems that when I connect host sync clock to “Clocked” module bpm this doesn’t work to set the bpm, but it does work from bpm-bpm.
But host sync clock => Clocked module bpm should also work should it not?

No, multiple instances should work fine, and do work fine for me. I just connected CLOCK output of Host Sync module to sequencer in two instances - is this what you’re doing?

But host sync clock => Clocked module bpm should also work should it not?

Yes you can connect it this way, but in this case you also need to adjust clock rate and BPM input mode in Clocked. In Host Sync context menu, choose Beat / 4 rate, and Clocked, use MODE buttons until it shows P 4 on the display.

I can’t seem to get this working here. If I connect the host clock to the bpm in “Clocked” and put it in p4 mode the bpm display just seems to jump around and varies eg 300-34-450 at the moment.
If I initialise the clocked module the BPM screen flips between 120 and 300 but my host clock is set at 96.

If I use the BPM => BPM it gets the right bpm of 96 but I would prefer to use the host clock.
Could be something else I’m doing wrong maybe…
When in this mode the reset and run lights keep blinking on and off, is that supposed to happen?

Ok I’ve found the problem with p-4 and p-8 mode.
It’s a bug when using 2048 buffer, this makes these clock modes unusable for me.
Hopefully you can fix this because I use 2048 buffer a lot so I can use more plugins :slight_smile:
Many thanks

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Hm… strange but thanks a lot for the info, I’ll have a look.

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