Instruō for mirack

Instruō has released their modules for VCVrack. When for mirack ? Thanks!


ooh! nice! yeah, those would certainly be welcome in mirack!

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Yeah these would be ace, I’m not sure they’ve released arbhar though…

Yes… not arbhar :confused:

Instruō would be wonderfull, more than that now with the new modules. Mifki have you contacted them about a port for miRack??

Fingers crossed this happens!

I have some time ago, but I haven’t got a response yet.

Hi I heard an interview with Jason (Instruo) where he expressed hesitance about Mirack since it was a paid app. This to me seems a bit besides the point especially since VCV Rack also has a paid component. It seems like he released those modules in the spirit of making modular more accessible which Mirack certainly does, especially since you can run it on a much less powerful computer!!!

I would love to see Instruo on Mirack as well and I will send Jason an email on the topic. Perhaps other users could as well, making the point that Mirack absolutely contributes to modular accessibility and isn’t some corporate giant or whatever