In/Out distinction?

Hello, is there an easy way to know if a port is an input or an output without to try to connect a cable ?

Thanks you in advance

There almost always is a clear visual distinction in the module. Different authors (Bog Audio, cf, Bidoo, Impromptu, ect) use different themes.

But if you look, you will see.

Just find anything marked in or out, and the rest of the module usually will follow suit.

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Note easy for beginners but thanks you for
responding… MiRack Is already amazing but i would try

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Glad your in the game! You can do it!

Yes there are a very few modules that don’t change the graphics of the inputs and outputs, but they are labeled,

It just takes a little time, to know the basics.
For example;
FM is an input to control the modulation of one of the knobs of a module.
LP, BP, and HP are all outputs of a type of filter.

There are certain weird ones like 1vlt/oct, which is usually an input, but macHACK’s trigger sequencers have it as an output, and it is not labeled as an output. This may seem confusing, but this, as in most cases is actually common sense. (A trigger sequencer would normally not have a 1vlt/oct input)

Best way to learn is keep doing it, and check out some of the videos suggested by the miRack website.

Rock On!

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I will likely add (or rather bring back) indication which ports are valid for a connection when dragging a cable, this will at least make it easier to find with port is the right one when connecting.


Thanks you for the tips !
That would be really great :+1:

Another crazy idea would be to see the flow in the cables thanks to animated dots. (Never seen in any modular software ^^)
The colour of the dots may vary depending on the tension.

And a short « click » sound would welcome when you plug/unplug à câble

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