Impromptu Clocked - Graphics Issues


I just updated to version 3.52 (iPad) and I am seeing some graphics issues on the right side of the Impromptu Clocked module.

When adding a new module next to Clocked, the inserted module overlaps the right side of Clocked.

When opening an existing file with Clocked, all connections on the right side are messed up.

I do have screenshots if needed.



Thanks for the report. I’ve uploaded a new version to fix this and a couple other issues found in the last update. It should become available on the App Store soon.

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Wow, that was quick! Working fine now. Thanks!

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Impromptu Foundry seems to have some graphics issues too. Connections from the extra cv panel overlaps whit the main panel.

Yes, I am also having this issue.

It’s fixed in the last update, thanks for the reports.

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I am unable to download either 3.53 or 3.54 versions from the Appstore, even though the version history in the description states that version 3.53 was uploaded 2 weeks ago.

I live in Hungary, usually there is a 1-2 day delay here whenever a new version gets uploaded, but never more than, say a few days. I even tried to reinstall the app, but got the same 3.52 version from the store.

I was very fond of Foundry when I first found it:) so it would be nice to use it again. Did anyone have similar experience with updating?

Oh and most importantly, thank you a lot for this wonderful app, still leaves me speechless what an iPad synth can do in 2020.

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