I am in need of plugin help

I’m having issues installing vcv’s plugins. Instructions on VCV’s site says to login via miRack’s library, but at least in the desktop version, I don’t see anything.
I’m on version 3.55 if that helps.
Thank you

These are different products and not compatible. VCV-Rack and miRack share some of the same origin, but they are not closely related, especially for websites and support.

Thanks. I brain-farted - I mixed the two up. it’s what I get for not paying attention.

You’re very welcome. It’s easy to get confused if you don’t know the story.

There are many of the same module types in VCV and miRack, but some are missing in the latter, especially the paid ones. miRack was derived from an earlier version of VCV. They are not fully compatible for module developers, so some work needs to be do e, also you can’t transfer user patches from one to the other. The developer of miRack is porting and adding more free modules to it over time. Main differences, it is available as a AU plugin on Mac (OS Catalina), which means you can run multiple patches at the same time in a DAW, also available as AUv3 and standalone on iOS. VCV is currently only a standalone software on Windows, Mac and Linux.