How to read AUM (not MIDI) parameters

I’m wondering how can I “read” the values of the 16 input “AUM” parameters (not MIDI). I couldn’t find any module for that. I was expecting to get a CV value for each.

Thank you!

Those parameters can be mapped to controls (e.g. knobs) using MAP button on the toolbar. If you need CV outputs, you can use any module that can output voltage based on a knob, for example MI Atnuvrtr or Audible Instruments Quad VC-Polarizer.

Thank you @pronvit ! I’ve just seen it in the manual and feel like a fool :grin: This perfectly works, thanks you!

@pronvit Speaking of the toolbar, I haven’t found in the manual or online an explanation for the SHIFT and “target” buttons. I discovered that SHIFT makes it easy to start a cable on a occupied spot.

Which leads me to the “Move” button: have you thought of being able to “push” modules? I know that’s a feature of VCV v1 but you can it was implemented already for 0.6 in this unofficial version
I also thought that SHIFT might be for pushing modules but so far no luck.

Thank you!