Help Recording Patches in Logic Pro


I have downloaded the $9.99 MiRack available in the app store on a Macbook Pro (12.0.1 Monterey). I have been using MiRack long enough to be able to make patches, and now I would like to record them alongside real instrument recordings. I am trying to use MiRack as a plug-in within Logic Pro and have figured out how to link the tempo, build and listen to patches, just like how I would use the app on its own. Using the audio output module does not send audio to Logic Pro however. If somebody knows how to route the audio signal to the software instrument track, please describe the steps to me or send me a link to a video.

I am new to Logic Pro but have used Garageband in the past, so I know where to find the input/output settings in the preferences.

Interested. I got it working by using a iPad connected with a usb cable and adding enabling it with the midi settings then choosing iPad on the selection drop down. Also it does take Logic Pro like one restart to fully see the environment including this new stuff.

The default output for Instrument tracks in Logic is ‘Stereo Out’, you can change that - click on where it says Stereo Out in your mixer window - and change it to Bus Out, choose a Bus channel. You then create an Audio track and instead of the default Input, choose the same Bus channel that you are using for your miRack track.

Let me know if that makes sense.

That worked! Thank you for the tip, that was extremely helpful.