Gate to Trigger?

How do you miRack gurus convert a gate to trigger?

I’ve been using an ADSR with all the knobs off.

Just wondering if that’s okay, and if anyone does it different.

Seems like a necessary and great idea to make a dedicated module, with low cpu usage for the task. (Maybe there is already one, and I’m missing it)

Hey @jorhay1,

You could use OCTATRIG from MLmODULES. NYSTHI have one called FLIPPER (although it’s labelled ‘flip flops and trigs’).
And if you’re using CLOCKED from iMPROMPTU, the Pulse width (dial labelled PW) can be shortened to 1 or 2 % to give triggers. And there’s probably others that I’ve not yet discovered.

All the best



I think the easiest way is to use Submarine PG-104 or PG-112 Pulse Generators modules. They will output a pulse of a desired length for signal of any length they get on input.


Oh that’s great! Thanks!

I also had success with BogAudio Rgate and ML Trigger Delay, but I will try the Submarine modules.

Hey RUncELL!
Thanks, that helps a lot!
The prob I was having is that I was using Impromptu’s Gate Sequencer to ping filters into oscillation (the gates double trigger them when they go low) and as far as I know there is no trigger option for the gate durations in GS64 like with Foundry, and no pulse width.

I wonder if the impromptu sequencers play nice with Clocked when the gates are narrowed to triggers?
Ah, more fun to be had! :crazy_face:

Hey @jorhay1, you can use clocked, just shorten the pulse width and set rate or like @pronvit suggests, all with adjustable width controls.

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