Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorithimic Rhythm Generator sync issues

Hi, I have been recently trying to add some euclidean sequencers to my music, and found the Frozen Wasteland seq to be really appealing but I am finding it impossible to sync to the rest of my setup (using miRack inside AUM with other apps and hardware). I am using different clock generators to get it moving and reset it, but it seems to need two first tiks to get moving, so if I send the clock out and start out from miRack Host module, it starts the sequencer after two clock ticks. I can offset the sequences to get them more or less in sync, but this is feels a bit akward and would rather have everything start on the beat. Have you experienced this same behaviour? I have tried other clocks and clock dividers, but it always shows the same behaviour.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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same issue here, maybe it a bug??