Foundry song end option

I’m using the foundry sequencer and in the manual it says there is “single shot song” option, so that a song stops at the programmed end rather than just starting again from the beginning. I can’t see this option in the settings menu, am I missing something or is it not available in the mirack version? Is there any other way of getting the foundry to stop at the song end if this option isn’t available?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Thom, I’ve only used beg & end points, which I guess you have too, and the song loops… but just below and to the left of beg/end buttons is a len / rep button, that when pressed in song mode could be the answer. R0 might be ‘forever loop’, R1 could be ‘play song once’, R2 ‘play song twice’ and so on.
I say ‘could’ because I’ve never used it and I’ve not had a chance to try it out…So let us know if you have any success.
All the best

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

The len/rep button when in song mode sets the number of repeats of a sequence to make up a phrase. So let’s say I have 3 sequences I can set phrase 1 as whichever sequence and the the rep button sets how many times that sequence is played (R0, R1, R2 etc). If you then move to the next “phrase” you choose another sequence and the choose how many times that repeats. When you get to the end of all of the phrases (where you set the end with the end button) you have set the whole set (song) repeats from the first phrase. I can’t find anyway to stop at the final phrase without the repeat. I guess one solution would be to set a blank sequence as the final phrase so you have time to hit run and stop it starting from the beginning again.

I’m using mirack with a midi clockable guitar loop pedal so all my guitar loops are in time with whatever the patch is. it would be good if it all stopped at the end of the song so I just have to worry about stopping the loop pedal at the right time. It’s not a biggie, as like I said, I can set a blank sequence. Was just double checking I wasn’t being stupid by not seeing the one shot option.

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I see, thanks for explaining @Thom.
I would go the blank patten route… it’ll shorten the song length by a couple of patterns, but much simpler.
Thanks for getting back