“Find” or “Search”

Would be real handy. For instance (iPad version), I can’t find the “host sync” module I keep reading about. Thanks.

Good question @octobersongs… I can’t find it !
I loaded miRack into Cubasis (on iPad) and double tapped the host sync module… the heading at the top is Audio,Midi and Sync, but I can’t see it in there.

I actually came here to bring up the same thing. Having a search box at the top would help, similar to how in AUM you can search all the items at once to find what you want. Theirs doesn’t show up till you pull down the list, such as if you go to add an audio input you just pull down and the search box appears.

Might be nice to have a way to get a bigger view of the modules to make it easier to read what’s on them. I don’t know what would be the best way to handle that interface wise. Almost I almost feel like it might be more natural on iOS to browse them by scrolling left to right instead of up and down, but then people might gravitate towards the first ones in the list more often.