Feature Request : Search option in module library

The ‘Tags’ section when looking for modules is good, but to add to this a search bar would be great.

I read in another post that you will soon be letting third parties add paid modules, so as the library expands I think this will be needed.


I’m constantly thinking the same.

would be great really!

Yep search is on the way.


New modules would be good, even if you have to pay for them.

+1 - another person looking for a search module.

You can probably search them all manually right now. Later, with more modules, it could become very, very useful.

Also, being able to type in the tag or type in the name of the module and have other similar modules pop up after typing in the first few letters could be useful as well.

I agree. This is the biggest ux missing feature. Love everything else. It just takes too long to find modules.

+1 to the search option.

Alternatively it would be great as well to put custom tags to modules and filter by them.

Search is now available in the latest update (3.60). Let me know if any improvements can be made to it.


Huge! Thanks!

Awesome, thanks @pronvit , will check tonight!

Hi @pronvit — thanks for making the search option, it’s very useful!

I noticed a bug on macOS: sometimes after searching, the text in the input field turns white. So there’s still text filtering the view, but it appears invisible against the white background of the search field.

Also, on macOS it would be very useful if the search field is the active text entry box whenever it’s opened!

Thanks again!