Expert Sleepers ES5 and ESX Support

Hi, I’m trying to get my ES-5 and ESX-8cv expanders working with my ES-9 and Mirack, but it doesn’t appear to be working. The outputs are not corresponding to the CV that I’m generating in Mirack. I’m using the modules by Expert Sleepers in Mirack that are used for these expander modules, but not sure what I may be doing wrong. Has anyone had luck with this setup?

Also, I should note I’m trying this in AUM vs standalone. Thanks!

Sorry I can’t help as I don’t have those hardware modules. But when ES modules were added to miRack, these exact modules were tested by a few people so I’d expect them to work fine.

Revisiting using these modules and I’m specifically having an issue with getting ESX-CV + ES-9 to work with the iPad. In VCV1, there was bug which caused these modules to not correctly on Windows, I’m wondering if mirack has a similar/inherited issue.

I tried this with a 2020 2nd generation iPad Pro 11 and an iPad Pro 2016 9.7, and both are having an issue correctly outputting CV through ESX-CV. The same set up works correctly with VCV1 and VCV2 on Macs, as well as VCV2 on Windows.

Is it possible to check if some code or configuration needed to get it working correctly? I’d love to use these modules with Mirack.

There was a workaround posted for Windows some time ago for VCV1, but it’s not working with mirack.

I would also like to be able to use the ES-5 module. Were you able to resolve this?

I got it figured out and working now:

Using this patch, I got a clock to output on the ES-5, output 1.
I have it working in standalone.