ES-9 i/O routing

Hi there,

I´m trying ot use this awesome app on my iPad to build a polyphonic hybrid synthesizer with Analog filters. So I want to use the ES-9 to send the oscillators out to the single Audio channels / outputs 1-4, go into the filters in my eurorack and from the filter back into ES-9.
Route input 1-4 back to miRack Audio Input 1-4. From there I want to continue processing the sound and again go to audio Output 15 and 16 which are routed to headphones L and R in the ES-9. So:

4 miRack oscillators -> miRack Audio Output 1-4
miRack Audio Output 1-4 -> ES-9 output 1-4
ES-9 output 1-4 -> Analog filters Eurorack
Analog filters Eurorack -> ES-9 input 1-4
ES-9 input 1-4 -> miRack Audio input 1-4
miRack Audio Input 1-4 -> miRack 4 channel mixer
miRack 4 channel mixer -> miRack audio Output 15+16
miRack audio Output 15+16 -> ES-9 Headphone outs

But I am experiencing one problem. I don´t get the audio input from ES-9 back into the miRack audio input. Everyting works, ES-9 indicates that the audio goes out and back in. If I directly go from miRack oscillators to Audio out 15+16, the sound comes out of the ES-9 headphones.
I even get the audio in with the routing mentioned above when recoding the respective channels in Cubasis. but not back into miRack thorugh the audio input module.

Am I doing something wrong? Or does this not work software whise?
Or am I dependent of additional apps like AUM to route the Audio into miRack audio input?

So does it mean you can not get audio into miRack using ES-9 at all, i.e. even if you just connect some audio source to ES-9 inputs? I only have ES-8, but I don’t remember anyone reporting issues with ES-9 either…

Thanks vor your reply!
Do you directly go into the Audio Input Module through the ES-8 Input? Or do you use an additional app?

I checked all Input channels of the ES-9 in Cubasis on the ipad with external oscillators and all channels receive the audio properly by the ES-9.

When I go through AUM with the ES-9 Input -> MiRack -> ES-9 Output, I it works. But using miRack standalone through the miRack Audio Input Module I get no Audio.

Yes, ES-8 works right away without problems. There definitely were users with ES-9, hopefully someone will chime in. Which miRack input module are you using (how many channels)?

that would be nice. I tried all input modules (2 to 32) I now also tried the 32 module whilst using each of the 14 ES-9 inputs, switching through all 32 channels on the input module, but no input at all.
Output works fine tough in miRack

Have you enabled microphone access in ios settings?

@ronnieb thanks so much vor the hint! That actually was it. After I enabled the Microphone in the iPad Settings for the app, it immediately worked fine.
A whole new world of modular synthesis opened for me with just one click :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I’m sorry I didn’t think of this myself (and thanks to @ronnieb). The app asks on the first launch to allow microphone access, I guess I didn’t think anyone would refuse :slight_smile: