Drum modules available

Are there more drum modules available to miRack than the ones that are included with the app.? Like Vult’s Trummor?

We’re planning to add more drum modules in the next release. (In general, since you can’t add modules yourself on iOS, everything that’s available at the moment is included.)


Only the ones in ‘drums’ I think…! Would be nice to have some synth drum modules, kind of like the hexinverter style.

I sometimes use the quad simpler for drums… as you can easily download a bunch of free drum samples into AudioShare and load them in from miRack.

Or if you have the time and patience, make your own drum sounds/samples… …it’s much more fun.

Also just remembered, Macro oscillator from Audible instruments, if you scroll thru the waves they have kick, snare etc…

all best


Yeah, +1 on the Quad Simpler for drums- sequenced by Frozen Wasteland’s Quad Algorithmic Rhythm Generator, with interest added by Audible Instrument’s Bernoulli Gate. For samples I use Dean Daughters (Electronisounds), or simply sample hits from 4pockets DigiStix app. You can really mess with individual sounds by running them through the Gauss looper app at various speeds. Honestly,I’ve spent longer crafting four or five sounds for a basic kit than I usually do running the sequences!

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Thanks, Vitaliy.

Thanks, RtB. I will check out Quad Simpler.

Thanks, Runcell. Will be checking out Quad Simpler.

I found you can get some good variation by adding effects/filters to things like bass and high hats. The audible oscillator modules, and the percussive synthesizer both have been useful put through a compressor/filter/distortion etc. to help shape the sound the way you want it. I also found that ledSeq module you can program in patterns and it will rotate them which can be fun in drums.
More options are always fun though, so looking forward to more being added.