Does using a multiple module add latency?

Does using a multiple module add latency? If so how much?

Hi @mirackUser, I’ve not noticed any and I use them all the time. But can’t rule it out… I’ll do a quick test to see.

Have you used any multiples that you suspect may have ?

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I’m asking because I’m concerned about timing. I’d like to use multiples as a form of patch organization and cable management but if using them is incurring latency I’d rather not. I don’t know a good method to test this and am open to ideas.

It’s just one audio sample per module, I don’t think it can make any difference unless you chain a lot of them.

So we are talking sub one millisecond amounts?

If using 10 multiples in a patch doesn’t result in even 1 millisecond of latency that is great.

Hey @mirackUser, sorry I’ve not had a chance to test any multiple modules yet. Oddly enough, it would be quicker for me to test than explain how to test here.

To be frank, latency shouldn’t be an issue, I say that tongue in cheek because there is latency with the MSChACK synth drums…but I’ve not noticed any with multiples… I’m using 9 of em’ in a current synth patch and I’ve not had any problems.

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Yes. You can test yourself with a patch like below. LA-108 is set to one shot mode and is triggered by the first signal directly from the clock so that delay introduced by a chain of multiples can be seen and measured.


Thank you for this example. The LA-108 is useful and I was not aware of it. So many great modules to learn about!

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