Does anyone know if they will update with new modules?

Is there a possibility of an update?


I’m hoping so. There are a few things that coukd be straightened out, for ease / more convenience.
For $20 though? :flushed::smiley:
I will be donating to authors inside once I have an income again though! This package us, amazing!

Just got 33 new modules!

Good news !
Is there any chance to see the great Surge XT modules in miRack ? They are a game changer to me in VCV and Cardinal.

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Surge XT I absutively loved in Linux through Reaper!
PC dying after 10 years and being so hugely happy with MiRack, running inside of Sand, I’ve been making do without.
(Sand provides mecwith sequencing abilities that MiRack doesn’t have.)