Chord by Mental

Has anyone figured out how to output the basic diatonic chords of a key?

The manual says it can be done with “a system of gates and muxes”, but doesn’t explain how. Just leaves you with a puzzle…
Has anyone solved it?

Haha No ! I’m not too up on music theory… I’ve had a few plays with it. I like it. I use sample + holds to vary the inversions, offset and voicings… not too sure what progressions it puts out ! And I’ve not experimented with the (red) inputs much yet.
Very useable and possibly one of the better chord modules though.


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And I’m not up on Logic gates, or should I say “Or” I’m not up on Logic gates…:nerd_face:

I’m not sure about the way the manual explains, but if anybody uses it in a different way please feel free to share.

I found two ways to make chord changes.

I use Foundry and use the 4 the main cv 1vlt/oct tracks to 4 of the inputs on Chord. C4 and below does nothing, any note higher than C4 triggers the input.

I use Foundry and use the four CV 2 outputs.
I use the Bipolar option in the contextual menu. This makes the default voltage 0 and doesn’t activate the Chord inputs. Raising it above 0 vlts changes the chord. It’s easy to change the voltage, and if you change your mind, just double click the knob and it goes back to zero.
This way is cool because you can use one track for the Chord root, and have 3 other sequencer tracks available for other things.

Another very basic way I thought of was to use pitch quantizers on the outputs, but haven’t tried it.

I still would like to know the way from the manual, as my way only gives you access to 4 inputs.

Think I would start to get a little confused after 4 inputs :rofl: I like the idea of using FOUNDRY and the 4 different cv outs to some of the inputs on CHORD. That should make it easier to keep track of what chords are being played.

And logic gates… I understand the principles. Not sure if you know, but logic gates convert electrical signals to binary - and make computers, so there’s some pretty amazing things you can do with them, if you have that level of understanding of them.
I don’t use them that much !

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