Changing midi clock rates

Hello everyone,

Been using miRack for a while, still finding new and interesting things. Had issues syncing the clocked module to an external clock, I knew the external clock was 24ppqn but it wouldn’t sync on that setting. Recently discovered that it’s possible to change the clock input rates on the midi input module and this solved the issue. However I’ve since gone to do it again in a new patch and I can’t remember how I did it. Any one know? It says in the “manual” it’s possible to change clock rates for both clock inputs in the menu but I can’t find the option. Feel like I’m going mad as I’ve already done it once. All help appreciated.

Interesting, the option to change the clock rates disappeared with the latest update. Not going mad, it was there. Had updated my iPad but not my phone, option to change clock rate gone from my iPad but still on phone. Updated my phone and the option had gone from the menu. I can copy and paste as a preset but would be good to get that option back again.

Hey, an update fixing the module menus is on its way and hopefully will be available in a few hours. Fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Legend. Thank you, much appreciated.