Can't modulate/control AUv3 parameters in Unfiltered Audio AUv3 effects

Hi there. I bought the AUv3 IAP (great addition by the way, thank you) and the first thing I tried was hosting Unfiltered Audio AUv3 plugins, and exposing AUv3 parameters to be modulated/controlled (with the end goal of creating MIDI mappings to an external MIDI controller), however most parameters in multiple UA plugins (also tried LofiAF) aren’t responsive to miRack’s internal CV.

For example, with Unfiltered Audio Silo, I used Configure to expose Size, Rate, Pitch, Speed and Mix, and set up a bunch of Tact-1’s to control them. Only Mix is able to be controlled. The other parameters simply don’t respond at all. I then tried hosting UA Silo in AUM, and was able to successfully map these parameters to a MIDI controller without any issues.

Is this a bug? I’d really love to be able to modulate the parameters in UA plugins. I haven’t yet tried any other AUv3 plugins so I don’t know if this is restricted to Unfiltered Audio plugins.

Screenshot of the setup:

FYI I tried with two different iPads (m1 Pro 12.9 and Mini 6 on iPadOS 17.0.3), both with the same result, with two different projects created from scratch.

It’s working for me in my testing with Takt and LFOs. For some reason, I can’t use a gate signal to trigger “Pause write” even though this works in AUM and Drambo. Will now test with the latest release