Cannot find AU3 Plugin in Ableton Live on Catalina

Mac Mini 2018, latest OS version.
I had a somewhat difficult installation for the OS update, had to retry a few times, probably due to a shaky internet connection.

Installed MiRack from App Store.

Now in Ableton in AU Plugin List it does show the entry for mifki, also three categories/folders for MiRack FX and so on, but there are no actual Plugins in there.

Could be the .component files are missing, I can’t find them from another host prompting me with a list.(Voltage Modular host module).

The Standalone App works mostly ok, I could run my patches made on IOS, which is great, just at the very start there were some ugly crashing noises and the scrolling with the mouse goes wrong sometimes, and I’m stuck somewhere far away from the action.
Enabled One-finger scrolling, so I could drag the whole screen with the mouse. Ok.

I’m a little bit disappointed, I made the whole update to use it as a Plugin.

Thanks for help,

Hi Marcus,

I think what you call “categories/folders” are the actual plugins (and inside them should be presets but you have none yet so they look empty). What happens if you try to drag “miRack Legacy” item to an empty space in the Ableton track list (where it says “Drop Files and Devices Here”)?

Nothing. If I drag it on a track in session view it pops up something like “Plugin was disabled. Could not activate.”

Latest Ableton build. German OS version.

You are right, these are the Plugins. They just don’t work.

I noticed the OS update to Catalina dragged quite a few files and directories into another folder for security reasons , but I don’t see anything related to Live’s core functions there. A few other Plugins I tried are working fine.

Greetings from Berlin,

There is no “miRack Legacy” item in the list of AU plugins listed under “mifki” though, just “miRack”, “miRack FX” and so on.

Ah, so you need to install a package from It makes miRack plugin available in DAWs that don’t support newer version 3 audio units.

hi there, i installed the pkg from - and can see the audio units (both the regular and legacy ones) in ableton. however when i drag them into a track in ableton, i get an error message in ableton saying “cannot load this plugin - perhaps it is broken”. im noticing the pkg file is only 82kb - is that correct? thanks in advance.