[Bug] Auv3 crash with certain plugins

iPad Pro 2018 running iOS 16.6.1. Purchased the new addon for loading Auv3 plugs inside of miRack. Loving it so far…However, I have noticed attempting to load certain plugins will crash miRack. FabFilter Saturn and Eventide Blackhole, I believe were the two that got me. I didn’t happen to try any others of those two brands.

AudioThing, Bleass, and a few others I use quite a bit are working fine. I’ll update this post if I find others.

Update: Installed the 3.81 bug fix update for miRack. I have good news and bad news. I was able to load
an AudioKit Auv3 (SNES), then Eventide Blackhole and things were going well. Added a 3rd Auv3 and attempted to load FabFilter Saturn. Here’s the bad news, Saturn loaded without crashing miRack at first, but the CPU was spiking and causing audio dropouts, attempting to delete the Auv3 hosting Saturn would cause miRack to freeze and become unresponsive. I’m happy to provide crash logs if needed.

I came across a bug trying to host the moogerfooger phaser AU. Connecting CV source to any of the sweep parameters will toggle the bypass switch. If you send it a trigger it will turn on and off the bypass. Really weird behavior as the other parameters seem to work over CV control in the phaser app.