Bidoo Sequencers and Clocked sync problem

The Bidoo Sequencers (dTrOy, bordL, ect) all trigger the 1st step when they receive a reset trigger from Clocked by Impromptu.

This makes them out of sync by one clock pulse.

The fix I found was to set Clocked to “reset when run is turned off” and then;

Connect the ‘Run’ output of Clocked to the “Reset” input of the Bidoo sequencer. This tricks the Bidoo into thinking there is a reset, and makes the 1st step start at the beginning.

Although it takes a couple of beats for the Bidoo to stabilize, it makes Start, Stop, and Reset all work flawlessly!

(RUncELL had a similar problem, and basically posted the same solution a couple of weeks ago in his “Hi and bug to report” thread so shout out to him!
I’ve never had problems with any of the impromptu sequencers and Clocked, (in fact I find them, so far, to work flawlessly together), I do have a problem with the Bidoo sequencers, and I wish I would have read his thread before I spent hours trying to figure it out🤣
Anyway, I thought the topic deserved a separate thread with “Sequencers”, “Sync”, and “Problem” in the title so it might be easy to spot, and helpful to some. Sorry for the redundancy!)

Hi @jorhay1
I think it’s the same problem, when connecting a clock to a sequencer (CLK out from clock to CLK in on sequencer and RESET out from clock to RESET in on sequencer) it skips the first step on restart/play/run after the clock has been stopped and reset pressed to reset the sequencer.
The solution I found was to connect the RUN out from the clock to the RUN input on the sequencer… slightly different to the way you found.
This way there is no lag - couple of beats to catch up - type behaviour… The sequencer will start instantly on the first beat/step and remain in sync.
I never had to connect the RUN out to in on previous versions of MiRack, so it too had me a little confused for a while.!

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Hey Runcell!

Thank you for replying. I must have misread your post. But this does clear something up for me.
I was previously connecting the run out of Impromtu’s clocked to the run in of their sequencers and yes, no problem. No lag, no catching up, no missing first step, works great.

My problem is specific to the Bidoo dTrOy. Which doesn’t have a Run input. Neither does their bordL and Zou Mai sequencers. The Bidoo skips a beat with every master clock I’ve tried, even their own! :rofl:

There is a clock issue with the Bidoo.
This was first brought to my attention on a VCV rack Reddit forum.

I guess not having a run input causes a problem.

My trick of sending run to the reset is only a work around for the Bidoo, and not at all a normal way to do it, but it works.

Happy New Year!

Cant believe it ! I typed out a reply earlier… will have to redo it in a bit. I had a play with dTroy.

…And it was worse than the impromptu Phrase sequencers… The dTroy is skipping the first step but also kind of slews into action after a stop, reset and then restarting the clock, like you said @jorhay1, it takes a couple of beats to get going ! Very strange.
The RUN output from clock to RUN input on dTroy does not work… mainly because the plug labelled RUN/EXT CLK is for the clock out from clocked.
The dTroy CLOCK input plug does not work as expected, you get some strange fx when inserting a clock into this plug and moving the (black) dial above it,
So the RUN/EXT CLK must be used… the labelling is quite confusing - is it a RUN in or an external clock in ?

Oh and happy new year @jorhay1 :v:

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I’m a huge fan of the Roland M 185 so I had to figure out a way to get the dTrOy to work!

Wow cool, I’ve not seen that. I see the similarities with dTroy.
I hope @pronvit can fix the issue because all sequencers without a RUN input will suffer similar.

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I’ll see what I can do. The problem is that fixing the issue in this case would need changing the module behaviour while normally I provide modules as designed by their authors.

I see. Best not tamper with individual modules. Not a major issue, as the reset can be hit whilst playing to lock everything in, it’s only from a stop, reset, restart that the problem arises. And there are sequencers with a run input.
Thanks Vitaly
Stay safe

At the same time, if there are any options I can add to module menus to fix some issues without modifying panels (like that momentary run option in Clocked), I’m happy to do that, let me know.

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Thanks Vitaly… I’ll bear that in mind. Some may not become obvious until certain situations etc…

All the best

Are you kidding!
Clock options would be AWESOME!

I can think of at least a couple, maybe start a thread so others could chime in.

The basic problem is there’s no clock start standard. Every body does it their own way.
Impromptu and Bidoo and the QAR all have issues with each other.

I’m going to make some patches with Clocked and the MscHack Trigger Sequencers. Hopefully they play nice.