BERNOULLI gate issue

Hi Vitaly @pronvit, hope you are well.
I decided to use Bernoulli gate from Audible instruments to trigger a bass drum, using output A and leaving out B disconnected.
As I turned the dial clockwise past 12 O’clock, I was not getting less triggers…and when the dial was fully turned to output B, I am still getting lots of triggers from out A.
I can make a screen recording if I’ve not explained too well or if you’d like to see.
All the best

Hi @Runcell I happen to use Bernoulli gate a lot and I’ve never run into this. I tried it again now and it works normal, full clockwise or counterclockwise triggers out one output for me. Do you have anything connected to the probability input by any chance? I’m using miRack on iPhone btw

Hi @hghon, thanks for confirming. Below is a quick video demonstrating…

The first part is a simple test patch and it works fine, the second part is the patch I’m having trouble with. The bottom 2 outs are triggering hi hats (muted) and the top part, out A, to bass drum module and envelope to shape the cut off.

Maybe it’s because Bernoulli outputs gates and nysthi env requires a trig ! . I can try swapping the envelope.

I think you have it in “toggle” mode so it’s working as a divider of sorts. Either hit the grey button on the top right of the box or set it to “latch” from the submenu and it should work as expected @Runcell

This part is in the mutable Branches manual

Problem solved :musical_keyboard:
It was set to ‘toggle’ in the drop down menu… I did not set it to toggle and I can’t see how, but I must have accidentally switched it without realising.
Edit-maybe I hit the lil’ grey button !
Many thanks @hghon.

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Glad to help @Runcell

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