Audio output only 2 channels

For some reason there are only two output channels, even if increase the Output Channels in the module management. Is this a bug? Also the MONORECORDER is not saving separate stems. I am using an iPad Pro. How can I route separate audio out? I want to import them into Ableton after saving the separate audio tracks.

I think you’ll need an audio card that supports multi out if you want to do it in realtime. When I use this module you’ve screenshot it’s inside of AUM and only routes virtual audio to AU/IAA. Have not tried using Monorecorder yet and recording on my iPad Pro Potato Processor (1st gen) isn’t viable.

It isn’t really a miRack only solution but if you’ve got a little extra xmas spending money AUM makes multitrack recording a breeze and it’ll save off separate files for you to import.

Thank you! That works! I tried it in AUM as you have suggested and the output channels appear and I am able to record the tracks separately.

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