Audible Instruments Random Sampler scales

Good morning folks. Question. I’ve been using the Audible Instruments Random Sampler (Marbles) and I’m trying to play in/sample a scale but I’m unable to and want to see if anyone here has an answer. I’ve followed the instructions on Mutable Instruments website and watched Youtube videos to make sure I’m setting everything properly. I can play in notes but nothing is recorded. Long pressing the buttons that are supposed to be pressed doesn’t do what they are suppose to do. I’m starting to think that whoever ported the module over to miRack didn’t program that feature in.

Hi @mariolanderos, have you seen Omri Cohen’s video about ‘Marbles’ ?
There is a part where he covers scales with the steps dial. I don’t remember seeing him record in his own scale though !

I don’t use it nearly enough, because I find it hard to remember which mode does what etc…!

Sorry I’m not much help, good luck

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Hello! I also haven’t been able to acces that feature. I gave it a few tries with the midi keyboard but nothing seemed to work.

Hi @Invental, there may be other ways and modules to create your own custom scale… I can’t give a definite answer because I’ve never had to create my own custom scale.

One way that comes to mind is to use a ‘fixed voltage source’ like the one from NYSTHI where you can type in exact voltages to get the exact frequency for each key… you only need to get one octave because the rest are just double or half (+1v/-1v etc) divisions…

Thanks @Runcell! I didn’t get very hung up on the problem because i saw it as just a bonus feature of Marbles, not essential. It’s fun going full on random Turing machine and that’s what marbles excels at. And also in the tutorial Omri Cohen doesn’t mention it so if he doesn’t know it, it doesn’t exist :)))

Also for custom scales, Arturia keystep 37 has this built in. You can activate and deactivate notes live during the sequence playback and it quantizes the sequence. It’s really really cool! :slight_smile:

Omri certainly explores every option with each module and yes, if he doesn’t show it, it’s probably not there.!

I really should get into marbles more… I even wrote down what mode does what but that scrap of paper has since been buried by other scribblings !

Very handy to know about the keystep, thanks @Invental

I love Holonic Systems Lazy Susan for that, you get to program a few scales and CV between them, and feed 4 pitch CV lines in and out with different triggers


Good idea! Thanks.

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Kind of off topic, but I’ve found this thread while searching ‘marbles’ and figured it worth asking here: Can anyone confirm whether or not the long-presses on buttons in this module work or not? Also: how about the combination of two buttons (holding one while pressing another or moving a dial)?

I was reading through the Mutable manual and have seen features in this module that I’m unable to implement in miRack. I think I saw in a thread on that MultiTouch needs to be enabled, and while when on that allows me to hold a button and move a knob, it doesn’t seem to be yielding the desired result.

Thought I’d ask before trying to learn features that may not have been ported over from the hardware in the first place.

Thanks for any responses.

…then I double-clicked on the device and saw that a number of the features I was trying to access have been implemented in a context menu.

Fair enough.

I foresee that learning how to operate the ‘Audible’ modules via documentation and video how-to guides for the Mutable hardware is going to present its kinks here and there.

Already wondering: is it possible to daisy-chain instances of the ‘Stages’ Segment Generator module in miRack?

I also wasn’t able to long press Marbles external input to program scales. And as far as I couldn’t daisy chain Stages too

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I appreciate the consensus. (“I’m not doing anything wrong, it just doesn’t work right.”)

I’ve found that the built-in scales in the random sampler are available from the pull-down contextual menus (double tap to access them) and will work around not being able to assign my own scales by modifying/quantizing the output using a Lazy Susan or other similar module.

Although I haven’t looked into it, I’m fairly certain that these Mutable->Audible ports are similarly flawed in VCV Rack. Not sure whose task it would be to go about updating the software versions to match the functionality of the original Mutable hardware units, or revise a document so it matches the functionality of the Audible software.

TL;DR The only “problem” I’ve encountered is the documentation (written for the hardware units) setting a false expectation of how the software I am attempting to learn ‘ought to’ operate. Not upset by the lack of functionality so much as I am at my own set of false expectations.