AU issue in Logic

Very excited to get AU working, so I can design on my phone and then use patches in Logic. The AU authorized in Logic but doesn’t fully open when launching any of the Legacy plugins. Intel F5 running latest version of Logic.

From the log you sent me via email, looks like you don’t have miRack app installed (from the Mac App Store), do you?

Oh, and for Logic you don’t need to use legacy AU, it supports the normal versions that come with the app.

Is Catalina required? Sorry if I asked you this in the past or missed it in documentation.

Yes, sorry, miRack for macOS is only available on 10.15+ as it’s a port of miRack for iOS using a technology that’s not available in earlier versions.

Ah, that was it. Thanks. I’ll get there eventually. Waiting for new ARM MBPs and some positive reviews. My 2013 is staying on Mojave for eternity.