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Thanks for starting this for miRack users on iOS! I really wanted to go modular last year but the hardware is too expensive. I couldn’t believe my luck when miRack appeared on iOS just at the right time. I had no idea about VCV Rack on desktop as I don’t have a pc. miRack was the perfect solution for me, and I’m so pleased with it! If I had to choose only one iOS app out of the hundreds on my iPad for a Desert Island stranding…miRack would be the one. Endless learning, challenges and possibilities. :heart:


Hi Spider- I made it!

As we’re neither of us mad enough to sit either side of a pub table and talk miRack, this will have to do. In an effort to avoid spending £250 or so on a DrumBrute, I’ve been trying to build a decent drum machine in this and think I may have got somewhere- but the sequencers (three of the 3x16 type) are the weak link. Any ideas as to where I can do better?


Hello,Have just seen a video with modules with the MI sign at the bottom right. Then I saw that I don’t have the modules in my list. Where do you get them?

I think the modules you are looking for (these are not the modules you are looking for…) huh? What? Ok…

I think those are miRack modules - small m, small i. Those are under the Packs section > Audio, MIDI & Sync.