3.71, ipad 6th Gen: Search Bar takes over Packs & Tags

Hi! Very excited about Version 3.71! Thank you so much for making these improvements.

I’m working with a 6th Gen iPad, running ios 16.5.1. Bug appears in stand along and as an AUV3 in AUM.

When I go to the add module “+” page, I can see the modules by “Packs” & “Tags”.
When I press on the Magnifying Glass icon, the search bar expands and is functional.
HOWEVER - the search bar covers over the “Packs” & “Tags” buttons and the search bar cannot be dismissed or minimized or moved.
This happens in portrait & landscape mode.
This covered over state persists when I go back to the rack view, or any other view and the "Packs & “Tags” buttons only are restored if I close the app or completely unload the auv3 from aum and restore it.

Any help with this interface bug would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

I can’t help but I can confirm I have the same issue. I have sent a report to @pronvit :slight_smile:

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Woo Hoo! this bug is fixed as of today! Thanks Mirack!